One Year Shots

Last Wednesday we went to the doctor for the one year check-up, and Ian and Claudia both got their MMR vaccines (Measles, Mumps and Rubella, for you non-parents). This Wednesday, Ian had his reaction to the immunization. Tuesday night, he actually had a fever of 102.7. Last night he and I were up from 2 to 5 am. Claudia had no reaction at all.

I keep thinking that I’ve got the hang of this twin thing, and that I have a firm grasp of the fact that they are two completely different people who are no more alike than normal siblings – but it still seems strange that Ian can have such a bad reaction, and Claudia can have no reaction at all to the same exact shot.

Right now, they are supposed to be napping, but I can hear them in there whimpering to each other. I guess nobody is very interested in sleep. We’re going to the beach again tody to go see Zoe (my niece, who is four). If I ever figure out how to get pictures on this thing, I will post one of the three kids together. Hopefully, no one will be reacting to shot today.

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  1. I still say that’s the best part about having twins – noting the differences from the start and realizing that it’s not your fault if one doesn’t sleep or eat as well as the other – because you’re raising them both the same.

  2. Beth broke out in red spots from her chicken-pox shot. I would have freaked out if Andy hadn’t done the same thing. Two days later, Katie had them.

  3. Ed Begely, Jr. says:

    Immunizations are theway the man tracks you.

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