That is because there is sand on the Causeway.

When I was in high school, my parents said I was not allowed to hang out on the Causeway. So, I used to go hang out and drink beer on the Causeway with my friends.

For those of you that are not from Florida or are not familiar with causeways, the definition is “A raised roadway, as across water or marshland”. In our case, a bridge with small natural beaches going across Tampa Bay.

When I used to go to the Causeway on Friday nights, if I drove, there was often sand in the car the next day. My Mom would say “Sarah, there is sand in the car. Why is there sand in the car?”. And I (not being one to waste time making up lies to tell my parents, and also being a confrontational teenager), would say to my mother “That is because there is sand on the Causeway.” After that, the exchange would usually go something like this:

My Mom: “You are not allowed to go to the Causeway.”

Me: “I know.”

My Mom “Why don’t you just lie to me like other teenagers?”

Me: “Okay, next time I will tell you I am going out to a movie and to get ice cream, and if I don’t come home, look for me dead on the Causeway.”

Anyway, last night we were coming home from Indian Rocks Beach and I got a flat tire – on the Causeway. It’s not really funny, but my Mom and the Goon Squad were with me. It was me, my Mom and both of my children, hanging out on the Causeway. Even though they weren’t the best circumstances, we did get to see a nice sunset, the kids were really good, and Gabe saved the day.

Thanks to cell phones, and a capable husband, the tire was changed and we all made it home safely. Also, I got to hear Gabe sing “Did you ever know that I’m your hero? I am the wind beneath your wings”.

If anyone wants to know why there is sand in the minivan today, I can say “That is because there is sand on the casueway”.

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  1. Good story, Tiffer. Jeromy would call this a “successful breakdown.” He would know – he’s had many.

    Someday, when the Goon Squad are teenagers, you can tell all their friends that they’ve been hanging out on the causeway with their mother and grandmother since they were babes.

    Hey, do you think the credit card company that put the wind benath my wings song in a recent sappy commercial knows that it is THE song that nearly everyone in our generation loves to hate?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ok, I have two comments about this one.
    #1 – WOW!! Does this story bring back some memories.(SLYLY GRINNING)
    #2 – Knowing that Gabe was singing that song for whatever reason, my image of him is completely destroyed!


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