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When I was in college, I had a friend named Craig. He transferred in as a junior my senior year. He was nineteen years old. We hung out with all the same music geeks; there was a small group of us that got really close that year. He was best friends with Melissa (who has been everything to me from little sister in SAI, to roommate, to Nanny). So far, this story is pretty uneventful.

The next year, a girl named Kristin came to school. She had a picture of the madrigal group at her office. A co-worker recognized Craig, because she went to high school with him. The strange part is that this co-worker was six or seven years older than Craig claimed to be. Somebody got a hold of a yearbook from the high school and there he was – six years early.

I don’t think anyone ever found out why he lied to us about his age. Who lies in college so that they are NOT old enough to buy beer? What could have possibly happened to him that would make it necessary to lose six years? Melissa went to a birthday party at his house, and his parents didn’t mention that he wasn’t twenty. I’ve known about this for about eight years, and I am still creeped out by it. He was our friend. He told us other embarassing stories about himself. What is so awful that it is just erased? Jail? Institutionalized? Rehab? I have friends that have been in all of these, and I’m okay with them.

Does this kind of thing happen to other people? Do you guys know people that have lied about something so basic? Did you ever find out why?

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  1. How long did you remain friends after you found out? I can’t believe he never slipped up.

    I knew some girls in high school that I suspect were habitual liars, but I don’t have any specific stories to share.

    I suspect Craig’s lie was told not to cover up some sinister past but more likely in an effort to simply fit in.

  2. I had already graduated when I found out. I have not seen him since.

  3. Allison says:

    I saw Craig in New York in a subway station. It was for a split second, but I am positive that it was him. I would have SO loved to talk to him and so I could say WHAT THE F*$^!!!???

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