Today I had to weigh the pros and cons on this one:

What is more important to me, Letting Ian crawl around the living room with no pants on while I go get the camera, or not having pee on the carpet?

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  1. We went through this with Jack. Old crappy carpet yes. New, clean carpet…no. So, how new is the carpet?

  2. To hell with the carpet, get the camera!

    As an aside, I met a lady this weekend who said that’s how she potty-trained her 3-year-old son: by letting him run naked around the house for a week.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Everyone I know with kids keeps telling me summertime is best for potty training. Strip them and send them outside!

  4. Anonymous says:

    As my Mom would say “It’s just itty-bitty baby pee”. You made the right choice…carpet is replaceable, but some photo ops are once in a lifetime. LOVE THE PIC!!!


  5. Of course, you can see the picture by following the link to THe Goon Squad’s website.

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