My new trick

Yesterday, Gabe taught me how to hyperlink.

Now I can do things like this:

“I can’t wait for football season!”

“I was reading Alison’s blog, and this really creeped me out”.

“We saw Bobby Flay making this Passion Fruit Sangria, and it looked really good”.

“My friend Michelle was just about to get in the shower when the cops came baging on her door. Apparently, her one year old was playing with the phone and called 911.”

The Goon Squad should be sleeping, but I think Claudia is telling Ian a story in their secret twin language.”

Okay, I’m done, but the part about the kid calling 911 is true. She just called me to warn me not to let the kids play with the phone. To think that I was always worried about them accidentally calling China…

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  1. Jack hit redial once and called my insurance agent. She called me back and asked if I needed anything.

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