I know we’re not the only ones

Every time Amani Toomer’s name is announced during a football game Gabe and I say “It’s not a tumor!”. Last year we were watching a Gaint’s game with some friends and realized it was not just us. Our friends that live all the way across the country do the same thing.

I was also reading a blog by a friend of mine who is also a twin mom, when I realized I am not the only parents who announces “We will not negotiate with terrorists!” when a child is throwing a temper tantrum.

I also know I’m not the only one who taped videos off of MTV back when they still played videos. I have watched Ritch’s tape with Dream Theatre, Nuclear Assault, Anthrax doing their Joe Jackson cover and “Memory’s Garden” ad nauseum.

So, other people must do these things too:

  • pause the TiVo before a daily double on “Jeopardy!” too see if we can guess the question before we see the answer.
  • In college, when Melissa’s radio stopped working in her bus, we would have “all request hour” and you would have to sing whatever the other person requested. If you didn’t know the song, you had to make one up.
  • when Brad Johnson completed a pass to Keyshawn Johnson (back when they played together) we always said “no relation”. We also do this when the two people with the same last name are related. (If you are confused by this, watch “Die Hard” again.
  • play the song “Let Me Clear My Throat”, so that the kids will know it is time to take a bath.
  • buy greeting cards for the wrong occasion on purpose. Of course, it’s always better if you can find one in a foreign language. Extra points if the language is not Spanish.
  • When Melissa and I lived together, we used to sing to each other in Italian with a southern accent. We also cross-stitched things with bad words in them for each other.
  • play the card game drinking war.
  • watch the Bravo reality show about a hair salon, “Blow Out”.
  • say “traveling” when a referee signals false start.
  • If anyone asks “What time is it?”, say “4:30, it’s not late – no,no, – it’s early, early”. Or if the ask “What’s the time?” the obvious answer is “It’s time to get ill”.
  • send text messages and sign them Dick LeBeau.
  • make our babies breakdance fight.
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  1. Come on Ritch….Dream Theatre????

  2. I actually said “We Will NOT Negotiate with Terrorists” last night, for the very first time. Not knowing anyone else did that. I totally thought I was clever.

  3. Bath time is fun at your house.

    Here, we made up our own bathtime song. It goes like this: Bathtime, bathtime. Bath, bath, bath. While singing the first line, you pump your arms and stomp toward the bathroom. While singing the second line, you swing your hips and do the baby sign for bath.

    It worked for about a week. After that we had to come up with a new trick to talk Robey into the bathtub: The Bathtime Monster (Roarrrrg).

  4. Is that the tape that has the video where the guy runs into the pole? Funny stuff!

    Also, I did the 4:30 crap to Ritch for about 8 years before I found out he had no idea why I said that…

  5. wow, am i glad i found your blog. i’m a mother of 4 month old twins and i love football (jets, although the husband is a giants fan). i’m not sure if you’ll ever see these comments, but i had to respond to this post:

    1. we always say “amani toomer” in the “it’s not a toomer” voice when they say his name. i thought we were the only ones.

    2. always pause tivo (dvr in our case) before double jeopardy or final jeopardy questions that we might know.

    3. the correct responses to “what time is it” or “what’s the time” are, in fact, spin doctor or beastie boy lyrics. (apparently, answering with spin doctors lyrics confused my husband but he never asked what i was talking about).

    4. please teach me to make my babies breakdance fight!

    can’t wait to continue reading and learn more about fun things to do with b/g twins!

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