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Some TV shows have really hooked me. I love almost all of the HBO shows like “Six Feet Under”, “The Sopranos”, “Deadwood”, and “Carnivale”. We are even looking forward to “Rome”. We are even able to finally watch “Lost” from the beginning, because they just started re-running it, and thanks to TiVo, I don’t even know when it comes on. Here comes the sad part – we started watching “Entourage” because HBO tricked us into it by putting it on after “The Sopranos” or something, so unless you have the energy to change the channel you can accidentally watch a 30 minute show.

Like almost all the other HBO series (except that awful “Unscripted” thing, or “The Wire” which gives me a headache because it is over edited) we added “Entourage” to our season pass list on TiVo.

For those of you without TiVo (you have no idea what you are missing) if you set up a season pass for something, your TiVo will automatically record the show every time it comes on. Be careful if you try this with “The Simpsons”… it comes on a lot more often than you would think. Comedy Central runs “The Daily Show” six times a day, and two of them are reruns from the day before.

Anyway, every Sunday night, our TiVo records “Entourage”. The problem is, it’s not a very good show. I think we just keep wishing it would get good. I have the same problem with “The West Wing”. The first four or five seasons were great. Then it got really overwritten and depressing, but we watched it anyway.

I’m not sure what happened. I stopped watching “Friends” after Monica and Chandler hooked up. I only watched the first five minutes of “Joey”. I stopped watching “Beverly Hills 90210” before they graduated from high school. We even stopped watching “Queer Eye” in the middle of the second season, because it just wasn’t fun anymore. Generally, I can break with a TV show once it has ‘jumped the shark’.

Maybe I’ve finally discovered there is something bad about TiVo. Fortunately, the “NFL Sunday Ticket” makes up for any bad shows I watch, just because I recorded them. You should be on the lookout, just in case you are still watching “Scrubs”.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    OH MY GOD!! Matt watches “Entourage” and thinks it’s GREAT!! I think it’s hideous! Please make it stop!


  2. I’m pretty sure I watch ER out of habit alone. I get more and more bored with it every year but feel committed to watching it still. The only other regulars for me are LOST and Judging Amy.

    One of my favorite quotes from Tampa this spring is still, “We TiVO Headbangers Ball because that way we don’t have to watch it.”

  3. Markkkkkkk says:

    I think you left out “Dog The Bounty Hunter” !!!

  4. I have finally taken “Entourage” off of my season pass. I feel liberated.

    As far as the “Headbangers Ball” thing – Tiffer, you just can’t handle the Rock N Roll.

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