If I know my one year old kids like okra, does that make them well rounded, or does it make me a southerner?


I mean, I know I’ve lived in Florida for 20 years, but I was born in Ohio. I like to consider myself a yankee (not to be confused with a Yankee fan). I’m not even sure that Tampa is the south.

I choose to believe that Gabe just makes really fantastic gumbo. These kids must just know what is good.

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  1. Markkkkkkk says:

    20 Years in Florida = Confederate (git ‘er done)

  2. I am going to lean toward WELL ROUNDED as a Yankee myself. I never CONSIDERED myself that or anything else until I was actually called one, DERISIVELY when I lived in Kentucky.
    It was possibly the FUNNIEST isult I ever received. It went something like this “I didn’t know you wuz a Yankee”…..

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