As parents of twins, Gabe and I have been anticipating that “secret twin language”. When I was still pregnant, but we knew there were two in there, Gabe would worry that they would use their secret language to plot against him.

I don’t think they are plotting, but they are working on the language. It mostly consists of ‘Ah’ and ‘Da’ syllables, and sometimes it sounds like they use it as sonar – just bouncing sounds off of each other.

The sound of them talking in nonsense syllables to each other is not that strange. The odd part is the volume of the language. It seems like it always has to be really loud. So instead of “Ah da dadada ah”, it is more like “AH-DA! AH DADA! DADA AH! AH YA!”. I told somebody yesterday that it reminded me of the way the aliens spoke in “Mars Attacks!”.

I’ve tried to figure out what they are saying. To the best of my knowledge, they must be telling each others things like “I’M OVER HERE” or “I HAVE A DUCK!” or “I JUST POOPED, TOO!” The poop one must be the one that makes them laugh so hard.

So far, it doesn’t seem like they have been scheming against us, but I’m going to keep listening, even if it hurts my ears.

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  1. Markkkkkkk says:

    Once you finally decipher “I’ve Just Pooped Too” could you please tell me. I have been using pig latin and I think people are catching on.

  2. I still say that they are playing “Marco” “Polo”


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