Here’s what I don’t get.

You might want to skip this one if you don’t watch childrens programming for at least an hour each day, but…

Miffy is a bunny. Her best friend is a bear. Her neighbor friends are pigs. How can she have a dog as her pet? It just doesn’t seem fair to the poor dog. The same goes for Oswald. How can an octopus have a hot dog for a pet, and be friends with a flower? (As a side note, Sqiggy, from “Laverne and Shirley” does the voice of the penguin on “Oswald” and I find it very distracting).

Erin raised a good question the other day. On “Bob the Builder“, are Bob and Wendy an item? And what is the deal with the cat, Pilchard? Does he live with Bob? Does he live with Wendy? Do they have joint custody? What kind of name is Pilchard anyway? I looked it up and it means “Any of various small marine fishes related to the herrings, especially a commercially important edible species, Sardina pilchardus, of European waters“.

I won’t even get into my problems with “Oobi“. I think “Oobi” surpasses “The Teletubbies” for creepiness.

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  1. Markkkkkkk says:

    Similar to my 5 years in high school, I don’t understand one word of this

  2. Hey – did you match your blog’s background colors with Miffy and Oswald’s site on purpose?

  3. babygsmom says:

    I hear you on this one! Have you ever seen Arthur? What the heck is he anyway? I just don’t get it?!


  4. I really think Bob and Wendy are doing it.

    Fred Savage’s voice in Oswald throws me more than Squiggy’s.

    I hate Oobi. I hope he died.

  5. Arthur is an aardvark.

  6. I often wonder about the sizes of animals. Do you watch Franklin (the turtle)? They are all the same size, except for the snail & moose. The bear, beaver, turtle and everyone else are the same size…

  7. Exactly. How is an octopus shorter than his friend, the daisy?

  8. So the guy in the band she calls “Dad”—who I think has a cat on his head…maybe, anyway…he’s the berkner’s husband.

  9. Also…there is an Oswald episode where he gets a fish. The fish has to stay in water. He’s an octopus…and he doesn’t have to stay in water???

  10. I wondered about that guy. I thought he might be her husband. I LOVE the Berkinator!

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