I just know it is going to happen

Who wants to lay money down that Claudia will really start walking this weekend when Gabe and I are at the lake?

That would be just like my daughter. She will come up and give me a hug and a kiss, and stand hugging me and then she will give me a little love pinch with her tiny razor claws. She is going to be something else when she gets to be a teenager.

Claudia is beautiful and smart and funny, but she is stubborn and short tempered too. She is also mean when she is mad. Ian almost always has bite marks somewhere on his body. I already feel bad for all her boyfriends and her husband. They have no idea what they are in for. I can only imagine what I am in for.

Gabe has plans to torture her when she is a teenager. He made these plans long before we even started trying to have children. He is going take her to the mall and yell embarrassing things out the window. He is going to make fun of whoever the boy band du jour is. I know that Ian will back him up on this and I’m going to have to convince her that her father and brother don’t hate her. Here is a recent one:

Gabe: …And when her boyfriends come over, I am going to dance.

Me: You wouldn’t! (pause) What kind of dance?

Gabe: It doesn’t matter.

Me: That is the worst thing you could possibly do to her.

…and Gabe is a good dancer.

Either way, I know she is going to walk when we are gone. In a way I’m glad because I really want her to walk, and I think she will be much happier when she realizes that she can walk. But I also think it is going to make me sad to miss it, and then I’ll feel like a bad parent. Then she will bite me again, and I will get over it.

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  1. Speaking for the grandparents that will be taking care of Claudia and Ian this weekend – i hope she walks.

  2. I see Mommy’s side but I agree with Grandma. The grandparents deserve a few of the “firsts” for bragging rights alone.

    Just think – when you come home from your mini vAcA you won’t be sad the weekend is over. You’ll just be thrilled to get home to see your baby daughter walk. (I think she’s going to skip the walking and just take off running right into your arms!)

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