I knew it!

Claudia walked on Friday. The day after we left for the lake.

Last night she took a few small steps, but all four of her grandparents saw her take about 15 steps in a row.


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  1. Even more than the photos of Claudia walking, I really wish you had some pics of the four grandparents hi-fiving it when she took those first steps.

    I remember how your dad used to punch the air while watching a good boxing match (he probably still does), so I’m picturing all four of them gesticulating wildly and jumping up and down to the sound of her little, pitter-pattering foot steps.

    Way to go, Claudia!

  2. Your Mother says:

    Alison, you are right, the grandparents would have been the better picture. I’m sure we all looked like perfect fools, but what a moment!

    Walk on Claudia!

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