What the hell is wrong with Tom Cruise?

I was watching The Daily Show, and I saw a clip of Matt Lauer interviewing Tom Cruise. Just watching CNN I’ve been forced to learn all about his nonsensical (that right, Ritch, stupid) romance with Katie Holmes, and I’ve begun to think of him as crazy but what kind of person does not believe in psychology? Even if you didn’t, isn’t that something you would want to keep to yourself. Especially if you worked in Hollywood?

I’m thinking he should really consider going back on his medication. I couldn’t find a video clip to attach, but if a person ever needed psychiatry, it is Tom Cruise.

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  1. FREE KATIE! I heard him say that he was freeing himself of the “hollywood PR machine” and finally just being himself. Which I half kinda respect him for. BUT, him ditching his public image has revealed he’s a COMPLETE nutjob. The bigger question is…does it change the way you think about the volleyball scene in Top Gun?

  2. what the hell is wrong with people who give a crap about tom cruise?

  3. I knew Erin would understand.

  4. Gabe, the best rant I’ve heard on this subject came from the True Ancestor blog.

    I doubt he’ll mind if I copy it in its entirety:
    My Inner Monologue About Tom Cruise
    Shut the hell up.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE GABE!!!–and agree COMPLETELY!!

  6. Markkkkkkk says:

    and he is gay

  7. Exactly.

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