Coke hurts less than Pepsi

When I was first pregnant with the squad, I was so sick, that I chose what to eat, not by what would be good for the baby (or babies as it turned out), but what hurt the least to throw up.

If anyone was wondering, biscuits, eggs, pasta and cheese are the things that hurt the least. Yellow Gatorade hurts less than Red Gatorade and Coke hurts less than Pepsi. Fruit was entirely out of the question.

From the beginning of November until after Christmas, I honestly threw up between 4 and 20 times every single day. (Except on my birthday, I didn’t throw up once). The thing that made me the sickest was the smell of cinnamon.

The saddest thing that ever made me barf was a cartoon butt crack. We were watching The Family Guy and when Peter Griffin bent over I had to run to the bathroom. That is true. You can ask Gabe.

I lost 10 pounds in my first trimester pregnant with twins. I made up for that in the two weeks right after the Girl Scout Cookies got here.

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  1. Things that makes mark barf
    -The Movie “Cocoon”

  2. Bagels hurt a lot too.

  3. I once sobbed all the way through the STATE OF THE UNION address.
    That made me cry harder than anything else that pregnancy.

  4. Aaron farted once while I was pregnant with Jack and it made me puke. Pork buffets made me puke. Lost 8lbs. with Jack and 7lbs. with Hala.

  5. I also cried watching old football games on the NFL Network. They showed the Super Bowl where the Patriots beat the Rams. When Vinatieri kicked the field goal, I cried and cried. I’m a Bucs fan. This happened during other games too.

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