Just keep that Steelers machinery humming

I’m a football fan and all, but this freak is an extremist. (Thanks to Frank for pointing this one out). I’m thinking that if I could refrain from trying to talk Gabe into naming any of our children Gruden or John Lynch, then this guy should be able to get into a regular coffin like a normal person.

You all know that I have no problem at all with homosexuality. That being said, this is the gayest thing I have ever seen.

Dennis is coming to get us. So I had to go buy some more canned goods. So, if it turns or peters out, and anyone wants some soup, ravioli, canned green beans or beef-a-roni, I’m your man.

If you are Catholic, or easily offended, I wouldn’t read this. But if you are niether, you might think it’s funny. I do.

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  1. Dennis won’t hit you. We’re not there. If we were there, then I’d say go crazy….The Vests are, afterall, hurricane magnets

  2. Anonymous says:

    Stay Dry.


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