I am finally the demographic.

I might have mentioned this before, but when I was home pregnant with the squad, I watched a lot of the NFL Network.

I got laid off from my last job exactly two days before I found out that I was expecting. That was October 11, 2003. On November 4, 2003, the NFL Network was launched. This was very convenient for me, because this is also about the same time I started getting really sick, and it was hard for me to leave the house. I spent most of my pregnancy watching commercials for Levitra, Coors Light, Cialis, BMW’s and canned chili. The advertising always made me very aware that I was not the target audience the NFL Network was expecting.

The commercials for things I would actually use usually come on during Oprah, or soap operas or romantic comedies on TNT, but I don’t like any of that stuff. How am I supposed to find out if there is a more absorbent diaper available?

The other day we were watching some VH1 show (most likely the 100 greatest child stars or something along those lines), and I noticed that according to the commercials, I was actually watching the show that I was supposed to be watching. There were ads for digital cameras and Pediasure and hand lotion for angry skin… as much as I love my TiVo, and usually hate watching commercials, it made me feel kind of comfortable. It was not the same creepy feeling that I got when I realized that the SUV commercial that was playing Stone Temple Pilots music was talking to me. I cared a little bit about what they were saying. Since then, I have actually purchased the lotion and Pediasure, but that was just a coincidence, I would have bought it anyway.

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  1. You found out you were pregnant THE DAY Bradley was born!

  2. I was sucked into my demographic viewership when I realized that those Johnson and Johnson “Having a Baby Changes Everything” ads were speaking directly to my soul…….

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