Randomness Part II

I didn’t make this up. Someone else did. I’m just telling you that there is a actually a website called Alien Loves Predator. It, well, just go see for yourself.

I don’t have strong feelings about Hummers (the vehicles), but apparently this guy does. I cannot imagine devoting this much time to disliking an automobile.

After reading this headline, I was fairly surprised to read that the article was not about my friend, Bill.

The kids are napping and my Mom is here. She is reading/watching Maisy muted and close captioned. She actually just said “I just watched that squirrel take off his underpants!” I’m starting to wonder about these shows.

Frank sent me this article about these poor sheep.

I call shenanigans. Calling this band Strapping Young Lad is false advertising. These guys are none of the above.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ….why was it taking off its underpants?

  2. If it was the episode I am thinking of -it’s because Cyril didn’t want to stop playing and wet his pants.
    He then has to take off his pants and put them in the washer.
    Too much children’s TV in my diet – as you can can see

  3. I’m sure that was it. All I know is that I thought he was a referee because he was wearing black and white striped pajamas.

    …and yes, it was Cyril. I think that is kind of pompous name for a squirrel.

  4. Ritch wants me to tell you that it finds it really funny that you wrote “I call shenanigans”. I think this is one of his new favorite phrases, he says it often & laughs a lot whenever he hears it…

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