You’d think “Smoke on the Water” maybe. Plus a lot about barfing.

It’s been an interesting weekend so far. Hurricane Dennis hasn’t done any damage here, but it’s dumping a lot of rain on us.

I woke up yesterday, at 6:15am, to the sound of Ian moaning from his crib. When I went in to check on him, he seemed to be moaning in his sleep, so I went back to bed. This lasted less than three minutes. He was still moaning and I got to his room just in time to see him throw up. I think he was still asleep and he was still on his back, and part of me is panicking that if I hadn’t walked in right then, he would have choked on his own vomit. Anyway, I picked him up and he barfed on me again. I took him out to the living room and he puked again, and we ended up waking up Gabe and Ian and I got in the shower, because we were both covered in vomit.

He kept throwing up every time I tried to give him any water, or Pedialyte, so when the doctors office opened, I called them, just to make sure nothing horrible was going around. Here’s how that conversation went:

Me: May I please speak to a nurse or a doctor?

Lady: What is going on with your child?

Me: He keeps throwing up.

Lady: How long has he been throwing up?

Me: Since about 6: 15 this morning. (It was about 9:15 when I made this call)

Lady: Sure, let me get a nurse for you. Oh, wait, about how many times has he thrown up?

Me: I don’t know, about 15 or 20.

Lady: 15 times this morning!

Me: Yeah, about 15 times.

Lady: I think you are going to have to take him to the emergency room. Hold on.

First of all, anyone who has been to the emergency room with a baby knows how bad this sucks. Anyone who has watched someone give their child an IV knows that it is one of the last things in the world you want to be doing on the morning that you may or may not be getting a hurricane. Secondly, I knew he was not dehydrated (wet diapers are the key) and I also had inside information that not only had he had some formula that smelled questionable, but he had eaten anchovies off of this father’s pizza the night before.

The only reason I even called the doctor was to make sure nothing horrible was going around. It looked to me like he was trying to get something specific out of his system, but if he had ebola or something, we should probably not let him share pacifiers with his sister. Vomit doesn’t really bother me all that much, but this kid had horrible reflux for the first nine months of his life, so I’m really used to him puking all day long. Also, according to Gabe (and my other family and friends who I have mentioned this to) I throw up way more than your average person. The first time Gabe mentioned that I barf more that normal people, I said “I haven’t thrown up in at least two weeks”. He pointed out that just by me thinking that two weeks was a long time was proof that I puke a lot.

It all ended okay. We went straight to the doctors office and he didn’t throw up one time after I had the conversation with the lady on the phone. He was even flirting with some sick 12 year old in the waiting room. I’m pretty sure it was the formula. I talked to Enfamil and they are sending me a replacement canister.

That is what was happening with the boy this weekend. Here is what is going on with the girl:

Me: Gabe! Gabe! Claudia is singing!

Gabe: What is she singing?

Me: “Hush” by Deep Purple.

I hadn’t even realized that I was singing Deep Purple to the kids, but when I sang “Na, Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Na Na, Na”, Claudia sang “Na Na Na Na Na” and she did it in some sort of rhythm. So she sings now. Mostly 70’s power metal, but still, she is singing.

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  1. Poor poor baby. Poor poor poor poor baby.

  2. POor Sarah!

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