Randomness Part III

In case you don’t get a chance to watch The Simpsons one of 47 times a day Fox and UPN run it, you can always get a good Homer quote here.

For those of you who live in the Tampa Bay area, we have got to vote this fascist out of office. Rhonda Storms (I guess that is her real name, although it sounds like a porn name) is a censor and an ignorant bigot. She should be ashamed of this.

As I mentioned, Hurricane Dennis missed us, but here comes Emily.

And two more things.
1) Gabe got out the tool belts last night. The squad went wild. They love them. They also love the tools they found to put in them. I think they are supposed to be for ages three and up, but Grandma saw them at the grocery store several months ago. This picture is from last night, but they were wearing these again this morning.

2) Notice the curls on Ian. They are precious, but he’s going to have to get a haircut when we get back from vacation, or his hair is going to start dreading.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the toolbelts!

    It is quite embarassing that we live in Tampa because of idiots like that Rhonda woman.


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