Our strollers took up an obscene amount of space.

Becky and I braved the mall today. That makes two adults and five children, four of which are 14 months old. Andy is three and he was an angel the whole time. I can’t imagine the squad ever behaving like that, but I hope someday they will.

I feel bad for whoever had to clean up under our table at the food court. My kids threw some green beans and rice. I was trying to impress Becky and show her that Ian will eat anything, but it would have been more accurate if I would have told her “Ian will put anything in his mouth and then spit it back out and Claudia will throw any type of food on the floor”.

Overall, it went pretty well, considering the four one year olds. I also bought the squad some new shirts so that they can dazzle the grandparents with cuteness, which is sort of ironic because the grandparents are so crazy about the squad that they could show up wearing ritualistic robes covered in goats blood and all four grandparents would still think they were the cutest thing they had ever seen.

Speaking of which – my Dad has been trying to get the kids to roar like a lion ever since they were born. He does this with every kids he knows. Apparently, my cousin could roar really well when she was a little kid and my Dad is still looking for someone to top Renee. Over Memorial Day, my Dad actually had Ian roaring, it was hilarious, he would make his mouth into a little “O” shape and make dry gargling sounds. He did it for about a week, and then he got tired of everybody asking him what a lion said every five minutes. So, we’re in Gymboree and Ian sees this big orange stuffed cat, it could be a lion, or a cheetah, or a big housecat, but he’s pointing at it like crazy and “ROAR”, after three months of nothing, he roars at the stuffed lion and I handed it to him and he hugged it. If I had one child, he would currently own the lion or whatever it is. But what kind of person would I have been if I only bought one? There were five kids looking at me. Maybe I’ll go back in secret later. The other stuffed animal was a rhino, Gabe’s favorite.

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  1. Obviously, you wore them out or you would not have written this field trip description this afternoon. I hope they have a nice nap.

    You are right – they are the cutest kids in the world. Can’t wait till you get here Friday.

  2. I told you guys the grandparents love them.

  3. Does Ian want to borrow Robey’s lion costume from Halloween last year? That’s why we picked it – because Robey has such a good ROAR.

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