And away we go

We leave today. Thirteen hours in the car with the squad. This will be their first trip out of state. Anything could happen. Luckily, we are prepared.

For the kids we have in the car already:

  • Two little touch leap pads. One in pink and one in blue.
  • Four books
  • Two NEW dolls, one boy and one girl. Ian liked the packaging and Claudia was given choices and she chose the Caucasian doll. I kind of wanted her to pick the Asian girl, I’m not sure why. I was hoping she was into diversity at 14 months, but she just liked the one with the most shiny hair.
  • Two little monster trucks, one is Grave Digger and I don’t remember the other one.
  • The Sonya Lee and Eddie sets from here (or something very similar to them).
  • Two little toy cell phones.
  • Nearly every Baby Einstein video know to man.

Plus their normal car toys. That does not include the sippy cups, goldfish, teddy grahams, cheerios, applesauce and all that crap that is in the cooler!

By the way, Gabe and I only bought the leap pads and the monster truck. The Baby Einstein videos were from Nonny and Papa. Grandma went with us to Target yesterday and I think she was already starting to miss the kids. She went nuts.

Anyway if all that plus their bears, plus Melissa’s copy of “Finding Nemo” can’t keep the squad buys for thirteen hours (plus we’re stopping in the middle and counting on them sleeping a lot) then we could be in trouble.

I am hoping the ride will look like these pictures:

That was the first time we used the headphones. We were joking, but it worked well.

I think I’ll be able to post when I’m gone, but I’m not sure yet.

Wish us luck.

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  1. On the road again……

    Gabriel will knkow what that means.

  2. We’re hitting the road today too. But instead of all the new car toys, we’re taking one teenage neighbor girl who loves nothing more than to entertain Robey for hours on end. You’ll have to find one of those for the goon squad!

  3. Allison says:

    See you soon!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    You guys will be fine! If my active Gabriel can do it with not a cry then your kids will do great. He is a pro now. He even did Europe by plane and train and that was without toys! (My brilliant husband forgot the backpack carrier with our entire supply or toys to entertain him, including the valauble Goldfish!) Have fun!


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