We’re Back

We made it back from vacation. Shockingly, the kids were great in the car. We had a really good time.

These pictures are from the Squad’s first time in the Atlantic Ocean. We were up in Delaware. Yes, I know it is odd to live in Florida, and go on vacation to the beach in Delaware, but Rehoboth Beach is really nice. At first, the kids (being used to the Gulf) were scared of the loud waves, but by the second day they were loving the beach.

As a bonus for his grandparents, Ian learned how to hug while we were up there. He will throw his arms around your neck and put his head on your shoulder and say “awwww”. It is very sweet.

Here is something strange. We stopped at a rest area in South Carolina on the way home and we let the twins run around, because they had already been cooped up for seven hours in the car that day. It was at this rest area that we realized at 14 months old it was the first time our kids had touched grass. I guess it is because the grass down here is so gross (and fire ants and snakes), I just never put my kids in the yard and let them go. I wonder what other everyday things they haven’t experienced yet?

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  1. Toddler hugs are the best. Robey doles them out freely, along with kisses and random love pats too.

    How much does Ian weigh now? He looks at least as big as Robey, who’s tall but so skinny that he’s still wearing 12-month shorts from last year!

    We really missed the grass when we lived in Arizona. Maybe someday, you’ll stop in a rest area and give the squad their first experience with snow. Nah, you better bring them here in the winter to sled down our hill instead!

  2. You’re just about at “park” age. They’ll have plenty of grass time soon! I think we started Jack at the park around 14-months old. Mind you this also went hand in hand with bumps on the head, skinnded knees and other assorted wounds from the park…

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