And So It Begins

It is that time of year. Fantasy Football time. I love Fantasy Football so much, that I am the commissioner of my own league on my favorite fall website

Anyway, I sent out e-mails to a group of people who have played together for a couple of years saying how to sign up this year for our league. They just go to the website, pick a team name, and set up their rankings for an autodraft (you basically rank the players in the order you would draft them, then at a specified time, the computer will do the draft for us, because we don’t all live in the same time zones, and several of us have kids preventing us from spending lots of consecutive time in front of the computer).

Then I got the following e-mail back from Aaron:

“Am I the only one finding this page maddeningly slow today? And, you have no idea how hard it was to work the word Turd into my team name. They were all taken.”

I’m not sure which is funnier. Is it that he was trying that hard to work the word turd into his team name? Or is it that THEY WERE ALL TAKEN? Seriously, how can that many teams have the word turn in them? This is really early in the season. Training camps just started. Either way, I’m glad I’m friends with Aaron, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of these guys pick as their team names.

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  1. How about:
    To everything (turd, turd, turd)
    There is a season (turd, turd, turd)

    Guess that’s too long for a team name, though ha?

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