My family had this conversation about an hour ago:

Gabe: I looked online at Target for 8 X 8 frames and they didn’t have…

Me: Dick?

Gabe: Dick.

Ian: Dick!

We’ve been trying to get better about our foul mouths and we’ve really made some progress, but not enough, apparently.

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  1. This makes me laugh at and with you!!! Wait ’til you’re in the mall with one or both of them and someone points a finger and SCREAMS…”THAT LADY IS REALLY FAT MOMMY!!!!!”

  2. allison says:

    Just had a conversation about this very thing and using bad words in other languages insead, which lead to this web page that has bad words (some of them very bad) in a zillion languages.
    (You don’t have to download the software on the pop up — you can still see the pages without agreeing to the download.)

  3. I had really considered that when I realized that bad words in other languages were still unacceptable if you were around other people who happen to speak other languages. I guess I’m going to have to start using dorky exclamations, like “fiddlesticks!”

  4. I find myself saying silly things like heck, goshdarnit (& both of those separate), Holy cow, crud amoung other really ridiculous things!

  5. Using “Pants!” as an explitive isn’t so bad now after all, is it?

  6. I know this is quite late & probably no one will read it, but I think I might try to say “oh barnacles”. This is Justin’s new thing, taken directly from SpongeBob.

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