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Five things that people have Googled and ended up here

1. Amani Toomer’s Siblings 2. “We Are the Dinosaurs” Laurie Berkner 3. pregnant bellies 4. “twin bellies” 5. amani toomer’s parents (I’m not lying – really) What do you think this says about me?


I guess they like it underwater. They seem to be smiling.

Randomness Part XI

How weird would it be if you were driving along and someone hit you, and you got out of your car and it was the King? (or I guess the President, if you’re from the U.S.) Which is sluttier this or this or this? Probably the third one, but the second one has that added […]

It’s not like I don’t feed the kids.

I just saw Claudia trying to feed her brother megablocks. What do you make of that?

Look Ma, No Bucs!

This weekend I had my fantasy football draft. I drove all the way to Lakeland for the fourth year in a row for this thing. A good league with a live draft and a guaranteed roster spot is like gold. I can’t find enough people in Tampa to start my own league and all the […]


Why is it that when they are happy and cute they say “Da Da Da Da” and when they are screaming in the middle of the night they yell “MA MAAAA MAA MAA”?

There goes the new coat of paint

When we went for The Squad’s 15 month check up, one of the questions the pediatrician asked me was if they could draw a line – not necessarily a straight line, but something. I told him I didn’t know, I never let them have anything that they could write with. I was afraid somebody would […]


The Squad was pretty good at the salon. They sat mostly still and the screaming was kept to a minimum. The stylist was very patient with our circus (there were six of us) and let us take videos and act like huge dorks right in the middle of the shop. We even remembered to save […]

Does anybody know?

My Mom and I were wondering if Jack and Jill were twins. My Mom thinks they were. I’m not even sure they were related.

The other day I said

“I’m going to take all of the duck feet away if you two can’t share the stupid duck feet!” And I was serious.

More than just your ordinary thief

My Mom: What is he eating? Me: I don’t know. Probably a craisin he picked up from under the table. (to Ian) Ian, are you eating a craisin? Ian: (grinning) (shakes head no) Me: Ian – what are you eating? (digging in his mouth with my finger) Me: (cracking up) Did you steal that from […]

So I can look at you from inside as well

If anyone was wondering what a sonogram looks like with two babies in it, here is ours from the day we found out we were having twins. Ian is on the top, and Claudia is below him (upside down of how they were in real life). It’s a little crazy to think that they were […]