Things I find puzzling

Here are a few things that I find puzzling:

1) Barry Sanders walking down the hedge on the DirecTV Sunday Ticket commercial.

2) Claudia licks the shopping cart almost every time we go to the grocery store.

3) Kevin Costner’s popularity.

4) I have seen more than four blogs about Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

5) Ian likes to chew on wipes.

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  1. Oh Geez! First of all, Jack thinks that commercial is the greatest thing ever and wants me to rewind it 10 times every time it comes on. I think its the tractor dance. Second of all, please get Claudia one of those grocery cart covers! I swear every time we get a cold around here, the grocery store is the only place we’ve been.

  2. 1st, Claudia is just building her immune system. Both my kids did it too, I think they like the feel of cold metal in their mouth. Just use wipes & antibacterial on it beforehand.

    2nd, my kids both at dog food (Eric still does).

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