Doesn’t she look mad?

If you go on The Goon Squad’s website, you may have already seen this picture.

Claudia’s Aunt bought her this dress before she was born. We actually took the dress up to Virginia with us to show it off, but we got so busy, we couldn’t find a good time to put it on her when her Aunt was around.

This picture was taken while we were unpacking. Claudia saw the skirt part of the dress and grabbed it off of the table and made it very clear that she wanted it on. She talks on her phone like this all of the time.

I know I could edit out her red eye, but I think it adds to the mood of the photograph.

I’m not sure who she is talking to here, but if they knew they had such an angry punkrock ballerina on the other end of the line, maybe they would straighten up their act and do whatever she said.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You should keep that outfit.
    She can wear it again when she is 13 and “you don’t understand her at all”……….heehee.
    – Bridgette

  2. Robin Misener says:

    Absolutely adorable. I miss seeing them in person.

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