Consequence of a Long Day

Yesterday was a very long day.

We have a routine after dinner, where both kids take a bath and then get into their pajamas and play for a little while before bed.

So, yesterday, as I was putting Ian’s second arm into his pajamas, I realized that I had put the pair of p.j.s on him that I had laid out for Claudia. They were white with little pink and orange flowers.

Now, normally, I would take these off, and put his own clothes on him, but like I said before, it had been a very long day, and no one was coming over that night, and no one was coming over in the morning, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt anything.

Here’s the surprise. He looked kind of pretty as a girl. I didn’t take any pictures out of respect for his future manhood, and so he won’t hate me when he grows up, but I wanted to. I think I showed great restraint and allegiance to my son.

I didn’t take pictures, but I told the whole internet.

Oh, well. He can’t read.

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  1. “He can’t read.”

    Yet. 😉

  2. Robin Misener says:

    Melissa dressed Jimmy up as a girl when he was little. – Maybe that is the problem!

    The stories will be more effective because it will all be left to the imagiantion!

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