This is so sad.

Not sad, like it will make you cry, but sad like you will think I am pathetic. If you only read my blog, this will most likely sound like nonsense, but if you read a lot of them, you might even be able to relate.

All week long, I’ve been reading about and looking at pictures of the blogher conference. I’ve read so many posts and seen so many pictures that I feel like I know these people. But, I don’t feel like they are my friends, I feel like they are the popular crowd and I am in blogging Jr. High.

Oh, how I wish I could sit at the cool lunch table with Melissa and Heather and Jen.
I heard that Alice and Amanda both think Jake Ryan is a fox and they both want to go with him.
Maggie and I used to ride the bus together.
Mrs. Kennedy and I were looking at records down at the swap meet.

The main thing that separates them from the popular crowd in Jr. High is that they actually have respect for each other, and they should, they have some of the best blogs on the internet.

The main thing that separates me from Jr. High is that I have a boyfriend who is taller than me.

ps – this is also sad because I am supposed to be packing to go to the beach. I am an addict.

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  1. I’ve been reading all these blogs this week too and thinking how much fun it would be to be a part of that ‘in’ crowd.

    Remember what we did when we really were in Jr. High, though? We created our own club and we had our own fun, and I have no regrets.

    Funny how history repeats itself. Here we are doing it again with our own little blog club. Anyone else wanna join?

  2. Most of these women had never met in person before the conference, but reading each other’s blogs had broken down the initial barriers.

    The same would happen for you I am sure of it.

    There were no invites and no in crowd…we threw up a blog for the conference, and word of mouth did the rest. I hope you’ll come next year.

  3. Tiffer: I was thinking that same thing. If I wasn’t rushing my post, I would have said we should form our own clique, it could be me you and Bridgette. We could be like the second coolest group.

  4. Hey, my comment above was quoted out of context on c|net of all places. Tiffer, your stats must be going through the roof.

    So let me say for the record that the last thing I intended was to lash any backs. And I would never want to add to the perception that cattiness is inherent in any large group of women – especially a group of women that I admire as much as I do.

    And that’s really what Sarah’s post was all about. We admire the blogs of these women. And we admire that they were able to get together and meet, and that their friendships were so wonderfully natural and rewarding. And we admire Elise for organizing the whole thing in the first place.

    We just couched it all in our silly sense of humor – which is what we’ve been doing since we were friends Jr. High (before that actually).

    So now I’m pretty determined to make it to the next BlogHer … or maybe even to organize an entire conference for “mommy bloggers.” I think there’d be lots of interest. Should we hold it in Tamps?

  5. Oy. I meant to say Tampa, obviously, not Tamps.

  6. I’m not even a junior-high blogger. I’m a blogger hanger-on. A wannabe. A blogger reader. Can I still hang out with you? 😉

  7. Anonymous says:

    CNET is so stupid. And they can quote me as saying that, too! Hey, CNET! You’re stupid!

    Ahem. As bloggers, we are all by definition big ol’ Dorks with a capital D. I, for one, was mocked and traumatized throughout Jr. High. I used to get notes from the cool girls that said things like “Meet me after school so I can beat you up.” And then I would.

    And if you had come we TOTALLY would have hung out with you. Totally! Swear to god!

    alice (f-slippy)

  8. I heart Finslippy.

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