But we finally made the news

Check me out. Although it was taken completely out of context… my blog made the news.

What I thought was pretty obvious was that I was jealous of the blogher people in a good way. Alison and I look up to these people. But, they think we are a backlash. Rebels. Loners.

Either way, it’s pretty cool that someone noticed my blog. I feel flattered.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dude how did you know that they quoted you? Did they notify you or something?
    – Bridgette

  2. I think that news organizations, c|net as one example, feel free to grab stuff from blogs with alerting you.

    Twice now I have seen my traffic levels rise and discovered only by looking at my referrer logs that my blogs were mentioned in a c|net story.

    And in one they got info on me from another online article about me, and got the facts wrong and never bothered to fact-check. I had to post a disclaimer on my blog.

  3. I like how they combined your blog with Alison’s comment. Half of the quote wasn’t even from you…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Learned a lot here. Thanks.

    I have mini cheesecake recipe and you are welcome to visit.

  5. look guys! My first spam comment.

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