Foul Language

Besides the obvious fact that I did not attend, I think one of the main things that separates me from the cool kids from blogher is that I don’t use nearly enough bad words on my blog.

Oddly, in real life, I’m a total potty mouth. I’ve gotten much better since The Squad was born, and I’ve gotten even better than that since Ian said “dick“.

I guess it is because I know that my mother-in-law, Nanner (Tiffer’s mom and another mother-figure in my life) and my Mom all read this. Not that I haven’t said the “f” word in front of my own mother at least 800 times – and that was just in July.

Hmmm. Maybe I should try to work in some foul language. To quote Bart Simpson “crap, boobs, crap”, “damn, hell, ass”.

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  1. I hate to tell you this, but your mother in law has been known to use the F-word when necessary.

  2. My mother went to pick up Jimmy from preschool when the teacher said “Mrs.Misener we aren’t sure but we think he said ‘shit’ ” to which my mother replied “Oh you heard right he said ‘shit'” I don’t think It was the last time and I’m sure she was warned about the three srikes you out policy. On a totally unrelated subject, Don’t you hate it when you leave your cell phone at someones house and you would like to call them and tell them and arrange a time to come and get it, but you can’t because you haven’t the faintest idea what their phone number is as you keep that info IN the phone. I thought maybe someone else has her number but seeing as how i don’t know their numbers either there is no hope down that road. Maybe I sould write things like that down. In any case if you have my phone and you are reading this i’ll be coming to pick it up around lunch time xoxo

  3. One time Justin learned to say Damn it & he liked to say it a lot. It was only funny when he said it in front of the 14 year old neighbor, who threw his hands in the air & yelled I didn’t teach him that!

    Melissa, next time just call your own phone & see if she picks it up…

  4. Letha – I got lucky, a lot of mother-in-laws just wouldn’t understand.

    Tito – I don’t see your cell phone anywhere, but I hope you don’t read this and come by at lunch anyway (not that I eat anymore)

    Tammy – one of my favorite memories of Justin is when we were out on the boad and he said “Holy Shit!” and I said “What did you say?” and he said “I said Hoooooly moligan” – he was ablut three years old at the time.

    Another one is when Justin said “This shake tastes like ass!” I think he was two years old.

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