Day 1 and a Squad Update

Diet day one went well. I did not starve to death and according to my scale (which I don’t really trust, because yesterday I gained almost two pounds by showering) I lost 2.6 pounds in one day.

I tried to walk yesterday, but the Gods are against me. I put on my walking shoes and the skies just opened up. It seriously rained for almost two hours. Very un-Florida like.

On a different note, The Squad decided 5:30 was a good time to wake up this morning. They went down for their morning nap before many people get up for work. They also each got two new teeth, so Claudia has 10 (make that 11) and Ian has 8. All the better to bite me with.

Ian has learned the word “up”. I am proud of him, but now I can’t avoid his advances in the middle of the night. I bring him water, and now he shakes his head no and says “puh, puh, puh, Mama”, so I have no choice. In addition, Claudia has caught on to his scheme, and she waits until he cries, then she grabs her bear and stands up and reaches out and pouts “hoo, hoo, hoo”, until I carry them both to bed and make Gabe crazy.

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  1. So, you didn’t happen mention WHEN you and Gabe are buying a larger bed to accommodate all four of you?!

  2. Oh, we bought the king size bed when we found out it was twins.

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