Randomness Part V

Look at this: I pity the dolls.

Now that The Squad give hugs, they always want to hug me when I am changing the other one’s diaper. That is kind of messed up.

Mark sent me this link to a web page called Breasts Not Bombs. If you have a problem with nudity, or unattractive nudity, this site is not for you.

All this time we were worried about sharks, we should have been worrying about the cute little sea lions.

Gabe sent me this link about a guy who killed his wife with a claw hammer because she wanted to cuddle after sex and he wanted to watch clips of a Tyson fight on SportsCenter. I could understand it if it was the playoffs…

Day 2 of the crazy diet – down 4 lbs. At this rate, I’ll be off of this thing in 10 days! If I’m down 15 pounds by Sept. 3 (my draft day for my money fantasy football team), I will drink a beer at the draft. However, I was thinking that the diet, or at least the no drinking aspect of it, could give me a distinct advantage at my draft.

Oh – and if your kids need any punk rock clothes (I know mine do) check out Lucky lil’ Devil.

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  1. Good job Sarah!

  2. Lucky lil devil reminds me to tell everyone that DOOKIEWEAR SUCKS! Don’t order from them. They never sent me the shirts that I ordered for the twins last year.

    And I pity those dolls, too.

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