I have never exercised this much willpower before in my life.

Last night I went to The Olive Garden with Becky and Bridgette. I used all the self-control I had and I did not eat or drink anything except water. I did put all of the fruit from both of their drinks into my water. So I had a glass of water with an orange slice, two limes and two lemon wedges in it. I am absolutely positive the waiter thought I was insane. Especially when I turned down his free wine sample. Thank the Gods that he was offering a sample of White Zinfandel, ick.

On a non-diet related note here’s what The Goon Squad was up to before their morning nap:
1) Upon returning from the bathroom, I noticed there was a diaper on the living room floor. During further investigation, I saw that Ian was naked from the waist down and very proud of it.
2) It is official, Claudia, like all other little girls, could not resist the charms of Dora the Explorer, and now sings the backpack song and sings the map part of the map song.

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  1. I’m getting hungry just thinking about that fruit-filled glass of water.

    And boys can like Dora too. Robey loves her.

  2. Robin Misener says:

    Congrats on your will power! Keep it up.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Louis is constantly wanting Dora stuff. At the Shoe Carnival once Scott told him that he could have any pair of shoes he wanted, he ran right over to a pink sparkly pair of Dora the Explorer shoes. Oh so sad that they weren’t in his size!
    His POTTY and his take along potty seat are both Dora.
    – Bridgette

  4. Seriously,
    I was totally impressed with your willpower, by the way. You are going to look great when you are done with this diet.
    BTW – you aren’t actually fat now!

  5. Eric loves Dora. Justin still watches Dora. If you haven’t found it yet, turn on Zoboomafoo.

  6. Ian watches Dora too, he just sings less.

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