Randomness Part VI

Yes, it will be my third post today, but when you don’t have to waste a bunch of time planning what to eat and cooking and standing in front of the fridge, plus you three cups of coffee, you can get a lot done. Besides posting prolifically, I’ve also: changed the sheets on the bed, done three loads of laundry, fed The Squad (twice), read books with The Squad, brushed my teeth, put The Squad down for a nap (three times, of which they only took one nap), dressed The Squad, reloaded the diaper bag which got a whole bottle of milk dumped in it yesterday, cleaned up The Squad’s toys in the living room while they were supposed to be sleeping (twice), yelled at the cats (several times), washed bottles, got the mail, had a Hendrix dance party with The Squad, and paid a bill. Also – I was bitten by a very angry little girl who was not at all interested in having her diaper changed.

Here is the reason I’m not getting a post office box, and also why I won’t work for UPS (well, that, plus the “what can brown do for you” part making Gabe uncomfortable).

Would you like to know what sucks worse than MTV2’s new format? Their website. I don’t even know why I linked to it. Don’t click on it. It will just piss you off.

Bridgette sent me this link that cracked me up about this guy that saw Corey Haim out eating lunch.

This guy has some funny stuff, but even more importantly, his profile picture is killing me. “I gosta have MORE COWBELL!”

I find this bilingual site very confusing. Are you allowed to do that? Is it okay to have the titles in English and then trick me into reading Portuguese?

Gabe and I were talking about this last night. 55 pounds of stolen underwear in a large red cooler?!?

Also, could somebody please ask T.O. to shut the hell up? I’m sick of him and I hope Andy Reid sits him on the bench all season.

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  1. You’re on a diet high!

  2. Tdiggitty says:

    Anyone know where I can find a red cooler to store my collection of rare “air mail” anacondas? They seem to be eating through the wet paper sacs I’m using now.

  3. About the geoloc thing you asked about, umm..you better not. It is supposed to allow up to 1000 page views a day for free…but obviously it doesnt, as apparently mine just ran out and there is simply no way I get a 1000 views a day, at least according to my counter.( and if I do, woohoo!:p)
    Apparently it isnt working correctly*sigh*. It really looked nice though.
    Sorry anyway, theres no more I can do.
    I guess I’ll just have to take the one you’re using then…

  4. This is random, so I thought it might fit in… I will actually have TWO sets of twins in my class next year. Identical girls & a boy/girl. I think it is my fault, when I found out there were twins coming to the school I thought to myself, I hope I get one of the sets…

  5. Gabe wanted me to admit that “What can Brown do for you?” made me uncomfortable too.

    My real problem is “Plug into the big brown machine” – that is the one that makes me uncomfortable.

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