A Reason Not to Give Kids Jewelry

When I was very little I ate my locket. My Mom had to sift through my poop every day until it came out.

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  1. Did you get it back? Claire once ate a penny and I watched for a few days, but then decided to let it go. I don’t know if it ever came out, but I’m sure it did.

  2. Yes, she said she found it with little teeth marks in it.

  3. Justin swallowed what he called a crystal (the clear stones that are put in the bottom of vases). Ritch & I used to fight over who got to do the sifting. Apparently glass will not show up on xrays. We never did find it, but the doctor told us that it probably passed & we missed it (otherwise he would have had serious stomach issues). BTW – he was 4 when this happened!

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  6. I had to remove three spam comments from here! What the hell?

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