36 Hours Later

This just might be the best $40 we have ever spent.

They have been playing with these chairs for a day and a half. I recommend them to anyone with a 15 month old. $19.99 at Target. I think there were also more gender neutral options, when when you have boy/girl twins blue and pink seems to be the way to go.

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  1. Those chairs are awesome. We have ONE chair for little people, it’s a rocking chair that is upholsered. My mom got it for Louis before he was born (no SHE wasn’t excited). Anyway, Miles and Charlie have discovered it and love it. They think it is AWESOME to sit like big boys. But Charlie can’t figure out how to get out and was consistently taking a HEADER straight onto his face. So during the day Scott now surrounds the chair with pillow cushions.
    Now Charlie takes a launched somersault out of the chair.
    It’s hilarious, he actually goes end over end.

  2. I might just have to get some. We have two little-people chairs, both of which I’ve had to hide away. One is wooden and bonks Katie on her head every time she pulls it over. The other one she uses to pull herself into a stand. Then she stands ON the chair. Then she falls OFF the chair. Sigh.

    Those little poofy chairs look like just the ticket.

  3. Bradley has a Winnie the Pooh couch that unfolds. When he gets sleepy he pulls it out, grabs a throw blanket and lays down. Sometimes he grabs one of his snacks and a tv remote too. It is incredibly cute!

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