Well. Becky has showed us the Walken thing isn’t real. Oh, well.

The Squad will both now say “Uh oh!” then throw their cups on the floor.

I’m down another .8 pounds.

I’m reading “The Accidental Tourist” by Anne Tyler, and there was just an incidental character who one of the main people went to high school with and his name was Dana Scully. It’s got me wondering, which came first? “The Accidental Tourist” or “The X-Files”?

The Squad was walking around this morning, each with one of my Birkenstocks on a foot. These kids love shoes. I think they get this from my Mom.

Have you ever had a headache for several days, and started wondering if there was something really wrong with you, and then realized you just had your contacts in the wrong eyes? I have. Twice.

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  1. What a shame. I definitely would have voted for Walken based on his stunning performance in Joe Dirt.

  2. While I haven’t seen “Joe Dirt”, I have seen “The Prophecy”. Maybe he wouldn’t be that different from Bush after all.

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