Who’s House?

Yesterday, my parents came by on their way home from vacation. They were having Squad withdrawl and couldn’t wait any longer.

The Squad was attacking their Grandmother and my Dad was making a phone call and I heard him telling the person on the other end “No, I’m at the babies’ house”.

My Dad also couldn’t open the bathroom door, because we bought those big white handles that go over the door knobs for childproofing.

The man has two masters degrees and he almost had to pee in our hall because of these.

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  1. Steve can’t work them either. Bradley always SHOWS him how!

  2. Max figured out how to get past those door handles before he was two.

    BTW, how come I didn’t know your dad has two master’s degrees (or any at all for that matter)? I mean, I’ve always known he’s the master, er, the king … but I didn’t know he was bonafide.

  3. lets not knock hall peeing

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