My neighbors crack me up.

Yesterday, my doorbell rang at 11:00am. It was my next door neighbor. He asked me if I knew how to tie a tie.

He explained that he had to be at a funeral in 30 minutes, and his wife was at work.

1) That was pretty cute.

2) Why hasn’t he learned how to tie his tie? He’s a grown man. He has children.

You guys know how to tie your ties, right? Gabe does. I think my Dad does.

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  1. Have you considered the possibility that he was hitting on you? This is a pretty common trick that we, the guys of the species, will employ to meet women. Even going so far as to kill someone so that we can have a funeral date (for urgency).

  2. Did you tie it for him??? I’m not sure Ritch knows how. After we were married for a coupl eyears, I realized that he asked his aunt to tie them for him & he would leave them that way until they needed to be re-tied.

  3. i haven’t tied a tie for about a year, but, i could do it while sleepwalking, upsidedown, one-hand tied behind my back while sharks with laserbeams strapped to my head are attacking me!

    by the way, thanks for the link!

  4. Yeah, luckily for my neighbor, my Mom was here to tie it for him. I am clueless.

  5. Anonymous says:

    How does a guy NOT know how to tie a tie? He has a job, right? And his car is not up on blocks?

  6. Come on. Nobody wears ties anymore. I just watched a webcast of my company’s CEO with a few other executives, and none of them we wearing ties (of course, two of the five were women).

  7. I don’t think Aaron has ever had a job with a tie. And we do ok.

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