The subject was: My job is weird

This is an actual excerpt from an e-mail I got from my friend, Aaron.

Today at 2pm in the kitchen, an interpretive dance contest. I’ll be
having a pint at the Britannia when it happens.

He is well paid for this job, too. I think it’s okay if we’re all a little bit jealous.

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  1. …this is the same job where he’s refered to as “one of the adults” and his boss spends time using a megaphone on their building’s balcony shouting “We love you Brittney!” when Brittney Spears goes couch shopping across the street. I wish I were kidding. He also works with a founding member of the Go-Go’s and one of the sweaty guys in the Bud Light commercial.

  2. So I have to know what is this job actually? I thought I worked in Sodom since we regulary have Playmates in, serve booze at events and sell cigars but I am beginning to think that anywhere near where Brittney Spears is shopping is closer to Sodom than where I work.

  3. He’s a digital artist at a special fx company in Santa Monica

  4. Erin – strange question. Does your husband also happen to work with a man named Neil from Ohio who is part Indian? Just curious because I know he lives in that area and works in the same industry, and Sarah went to elementary school with him.

  5. Aaron says “not that I’m aware of”

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