One of the MANY reasons that I love TiVO

I don’t know if anybody else bothered watching the fourth quarter of the Bucs v Jaguars pre-season snoozer, but if you did you may have heard one of the crappy commentators while getting the offense and defense confused, refer to “the Jag off-defense”.

See, this is why everyone should have TiVo.

You may have also seen Captain Fear accidentally knocking over a woman dressed in pink, but if you havd TiVo, you could have watched it four or five times, like we did.

Good times.

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  1. Robin Misener says:

    Jimmy and I went to the game. After the second Jaguar touchdown we decided to head home like so many other fans that were “snoozing” during the first three quarters. We get to the truck and turn the radio on to the game and listen to what we thought was going to be an amazing comeback. I was continually cursing myself about not recording it on TIVO. But, then we lost.

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