The boy figured out the TiVO

If you are at all familiar with Laurie Berkner, you may also be familiar with her videos that they show between shows on Noggin. Well, she had a song called “We Are the Dinosaurs”, and it is Ian’s favorite. The Squad will march along with the kids on the video, and Claudia will roar.

We TiVOed this video and some other videos for The Squad. Here’s the problem. Ian gets it. This morning he brought me the remote and started whining and marching. I said “Do you want to watch the dinosaurs” and he said “Yeah, yeah” handed me the remote and kept whimpering and marching. When he saw me rewinding through the video that he knows comes after the dinosaurs video he started saying “yeah, yeah, yeah” – he only has a handfull of words.

The day before yesterday he made Gabe put on the dinosaur video four times in a row. He will actually cry and march and point at the remote when the next video comes on. Scary. I don’t think my parents can work our remote, but I bet Ian will be selecting and pausing and rewinding like crazy in the next month or two. He can already turn the TV on if it’s off.

The way I got him to stop today was by putting him down for a nap. I’m not kidding. He’s very focused.

I’m going to have to find a better hiding place for the remote control. We can’t use the couch cushions anymore. Gabe tried that yesterday and Ian saw him and tried to retrieve it himself. The kid doesn’t miss a thing.

The worst part of it is, I think Claudia is the smart one. She’s probably buying shoes online with my credit cards while he’s causing the distraction.

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  1. We still go through that with Jack. Sorry, it doesn’t get any better. The song, or show just changes. Not 3 minutes ago he asked me to rewind the teletubbie’s tummy show about some craft. We watched it 4 times. On the other hand, I got to make coffee, change Hala’s diaper, and check my email. So it can be a plus. Sorta.

  2. Robin Misener says:

    My little friend Autumn (2 at the time) started singing Honey I’m Home by Shania Twain. I burned the song on a CD so she could listen and sing in my truck. She would actually throw tantrums to listen to it again and when I started telling her no. She realized how to go back a track and could do it with her toe.

    I don’ think I would have minded if it were I song I actually liked!

  3. I can’t wait to see the UPS truck pull up with $10,000 worth of girly-girl shoes. Hee hee.

  4. They’ll all be pink.

  5. At least you know your kids are smart!

    Justin used to get me to watch Peter Pan everyday. I refused to put it on more than once (eventually he learned & stopped having fits). For Eric it was Toy Story!

    Will you ask Claudia to get some shoes for me too? I could use some, but no pink.

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