Randomness Part X

Maybe Ricky Williams was high when he left these papers behind. (sorry broken link)

This website is kind of odd. (Thanks Banana Blogarama)

Ian loves it when anyone shakes their head really fast, so I think he would really appreciate this link that Aaron sent me.

I think lip synching is cheating and tacky – but I’m not this worked up about it.

Becky sent me this link. It’s very mean and very funny and has lots of people who are wearing things that they should not be wearing.

Wow. This is… something else. Spread the Santorum. (I lifted this link off of Briantology)

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  1. You’re right – that picture of DLR is absolutely frightening. Also, the odd Web site of people crying should include a Spoiler Warning for the Harring Potter books.

  2. I have seen the people eating while crying thing before. What a strange world we live in.

    I was under the impression that it was illegal in the US to lip sync at any performance where the audience pays to see a person sing. The crowd paying to see singing is how Ashley Simpson can sneak by at SNL. You would probably know better than me though.

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