More than just your ordinary thief

My Mom: What is he eating?

Me: I don’t know. Probably a craisin he picked up from under the table. (to Ian) Ian, are you eating a craisin?

Ian: (grinning) (shakes head no)

Me: Ian – what are you eating? (digging in his mouth with my finger)

Me: (cracking up) Did you steal that from Klaus?

Ian: (smiling and nodding) Yeah, Yeah.

Ian not only stole the treat from the cat, but he also ate it.


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  1. At least it came from the food dish and not the kitty-litter box. What did Bridgette say? HALF FULL!

  2. My kid once insisted on sampling my dog’s biscuit treats. He was eight years old at the time. Too old for this to be anything but a ploy for attention.

    He gagged and said it was “real salty.”

  3. Seriously, I gave Klaus a treat becuase he was good while Sid escaped (again), and instead Ian swiped it. Poor Kitty.

  4. Both of my kids ate dog food (Eric still does). One time Eric cried when I took a large dog biscuit from him (I have video of this)! Amazing that the same kid won’t eat people food.

  5. Ok, That was too funny! I don’t have kids (yet!) but at least now know what to expect!Everyone I have talked to today I told tht story to because it is HILARIOUS (at least to me!! Keep the stories (and new pictures) coming!

  6. dont give the cat all the good treats and Ian wouldn’t hav to steal them. Jerks.

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