The Squad was pretty good at the salon. They sat mostly still and the screaming was kept to a minimum. The stylist was very patient with our circus (there were six of us) and let us take videos and act like huge dorks right in the middle of the shop. We even remembered to save some hair (thanks to Ahlem and Tammy). It went pretty well overall.
Claudia Before

Claudia After

The only real difference for Claudia is that now she can see. The boy on the other hand…

Ian Before

Ian After

This was after his professional haircut. After his hair dried we wished that we had asked her to take off more hair. Gabe said he looked too “Prince Valiant” – so Ian got another haircut after we got home. Gabe took the clippers to him in the kitchen and…

Ian After After

Okay, it’s not the most telling picture, but he was through sitting still for the day, and we all agree he looks less like Bozo the Clown after the third (yes, third) haircut of the day.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    They look very nice. Our town is jamm packed with kids salons. So its always a fun filled experience here…complete with baloons and lollipops and getting hair cut while watching a cartoon and sitting in a car. Never really calms the initial fear, but it helps.

  2. It appears as if their hair didn’t get screwed up — but really, does it matter?

    I mean, honestly — they’re toddlers. They don’t know if their hair looks bad.

  3. No – not screwed up, we just wanted the boy’s hair to be shorter.

  4. there was one day when i was 4 where i had a really really bad hair day! 30 years later, i’m still trying to get over that!

  5. Oops. That first one was me. I dunno what happened there.

  6. Ian has a huge mullet just like his dad

  7. Robey had his hair cut this weekend too. I hardly recognized him when we got home.

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