Why is it that when they are happy and cute they say “Da Da Da Da” and when they are screaming in the middle of the night they yell “MA MAAAA MAA MAA”?

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  1. Mamma always makes everything better – even 22 years from now.

  2. From the minute Louis was born, I was the one he wanted at night. It was amazing. Scott was totally willing to get up – but no, Louis would scream and cry until I got up to hold him. The other two are the same way.
    You gotta have mommy at night.

  3. Its 10:17pm here and through the monitor all I’m hearing is “MOMMMMY MOOOOOMMMY MOOOOMMMY!” When push comes to shove, they want us. And here I go again, up the stairs.

  4. welcome to the mans world

  5. I gotta agree with sherry. Unless I was trying to get away with something or needed money.

  6. Great, they will always be Mama’s boys.

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