Look Ma, No Bucs!

This weekend I had my fantasy football draft. I drove all the way to Lakeland for the fourth year in a row for this thing. A good league with a live draft and a guaranteed roster spot is like gold. I can’t find enough people in Tampa to start my own league and all the existing leagues are always full.

Let me get this out in the open. I had the fourth pick, and I’m not sure why I didn’t take Payton Manning.

So, because I am a glutton for punishment – and I know my guy friends are going to tear my picks apart, like they do every year, here is my team:

Michael Vick
Trent Green

Corey Dillon
Kevin Jones
Tatum Bell
Ronnie Brown
LaBrandon Toefield (because Fred Taylor gets hurt every year)

(Marvelous) Marvin Harrison
Andre Johnson
Mushin Muhammed
Amani Toomer
Tyrone Calico

Alge Crumpler
Randy McMichael

Mike Vanderjagt (can’t get enough of those Dungy kickers, and I spelled his name without looking)
Jeff Reed

New England (D)
Miami (D)

So, unlike the guy in my league that drafted fellow UCF alumnae, Daunte Culpepper, as the seventh overall selection, while Manning was still available, I feel pretty good about my team. (That guy also took Kurt Warner in the 4th round and Keenan McCardell in the 5th – I think he may have stopped watching football for the last two years).

p.s. Spell checking this post was a mistake. It took ten minutes. What do you mean LaBrandon is not a word?

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  1. I just found out I have the first pick in my upcoming draft. Can you say LaDanian Tomlinson? Which is cool since I happen to live in San Diego.

    A live draft?! How fun that must be. All the guys in my league (no gals, unfortunately) live all over the US so we do it online. But what would football season be like without fantasy football?

    Good luck this season!

  2. So your team looks pretty solid, although, you must have been slobbering drunk to not pick Peyton… can you imagine the Manning/Harrison points you’d get!?!!?

    I am the comissioner for two leagues (which my wife LOVES SO MUCH). We do a live draft in one, which is MUCH more fun than the online kind. That said, mental note for next year to see if you and Matt need a league. I had two teams drop out Sunday, and our draft is tonight. Thankfully, I got them filled.

    Football good. Beer good.

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