Five things that people have Googled and ended up here

1. Amani Toomer’s Siblings

2. “We Are the Dinosaurs” Laurie Berkner

3. pregnant bellies

4. “twin bellies”

5. amani toomer’s parents (I’m not lying – really)

What do you think this says about me?

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  1. How do you find this out?

  2. OK – so of course I have to check it out. Here’s the best part: This is the description from “twin Bellies”

    “So, since they are showing their big ass pregnant with twin bellies, I will show
    mine also. This picture was taken in my fourth or fifth week in the …”

  3. Site Meter tells me if it’s through Google or Technorati.

    I could get even more info, but I’d have to pay $6.95 per month.

  4. So they tell you if someone gets to your site through a search? Well I just got there from some of you ideas.

    That’s funny. Especially Amani Toomer’s Parents. That person must have been confused.

  5. I must add this feature, it’s charming!

  6. Hi! Thanks for dropping by my site. You have 2 cute babies. I was hoping for twins when I got pregnant but God only gave me one. Hope you don’t mind if I link u up. :)

  7. Seems to me this says you’re Amani Toomer’s mother, and sister. Who knows, maybe you’re Tiki Barber’s baby’s daddy too.

  8. When I drafted him for my fantasy team, I thought… more Amani Toomer? This is getting strange.

  9. Maybe Amani Toomer will check out your blog. That would be cool.

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