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The Chuck E. Fiasco

I apologize right off the bat for not having any picturesof the kids. The Chuck E. Cheese party was way too chaotic for me to stop and pose The Squad. I did get a couple shots of the back of their heads, but I’m hoping Bridgette’s pictures come out better. I would like to begin […]

(Worlds Apart)

My friend Michelle brought over a toy piano (sort of) for The Squad. Later, the destroyed it by taking the legs off. Well, it still worked, it was just no longer on legs. Here is what happened. Me: Hey kinds, look! It’s a keytar. (singing, playing keytar, and totally rocking out) Someday love will find […]

I’ve been called out.

Little Miss Pissypants called me out. 1. Legal First name? Sarah. 2. Were you named after anyone? No. 3. Do you wish on stars? Sometimes. 4. When did you last cry? Yesterday, a song in the car made me cry. 5. What is your favorite lunch meat? Roast Beef. Rare. 6. What is your birth […]

Eleven searches that ended up here

Now things are starting to get interesting. 1. “wells for women” 2. terrell davis I guess now I have Amani Toomer AND Terrell Davis. Wow. I came up first in blog searches. So, I guess no one talks about poor Terrell anymore. 3. blingo 4. “This Hat Is My Hat” 5. Oswald Noggin 6. jerry […]

Sad to see it go

I’m getting rid of my neocounter. Now that I know it doesn’t work, it just makes me crazy. Goodbye to the sidebar tool that would only work occasionally. Adios to the educator that taught me that Bosnia and Herzegovina is one country. See ya to the catalyst that made me realize that both Becky and […]

And so it begins.

Tonight will be The Goon Squad’s inaugural trip to Chuck E. Cheese. We will be attending the 3rd birthday party of Louis (seen here reading the newspaper on the toilet). I’m nervous for the following reasons: 1) Most of the party will be taking place after their bedtime – the Squad gets crazy when they […]

Japan Reconciled

Roger got me thinking about this Japan thing again. Maybe the Japanese don’t hate me after all. I think this stupid thing (see my sidebar only goes up to 40 countries! It’s been 40 countries for weeks now. I don’t pay for it, so you can be assured that I have the crap version of […]

Easy Come, Easy Go

I got a job (just a one time thing) writing sports trivia. I know a lot about the NFL and I’m learning a lot about NCAA football and basketball. I’m just looking everything else up. When the guy first hired me, I thought – 200 questions, no problem. Then it got harder and I had […]

You’re my 5000th customer!

Hey, check me out. My counter just reached 5000. I’m thinking of doing Google Ads. My friend says she’s made .10 already. With an income like that I could afford an ipod in only 4000 days. Sweet. It will be like having a really low paying job.

I must have missed the memo.

When did the plural of fish become fishes? What happened? I have a college degree, and contrary to popular belief, my school was accredited. Seriously, didn’t more than one fish used to be fish? Like “Hey, look over there at all those fish”.

Would you rather?

I recently found this little book called Would You Rather…? that was written by Justin Heimberg and David Gomberg. I first came across this book at Corbi’s house. I thought it was so funny that she gave it to me. It’s full of ludicrous choices. As an example, the very first question in the book […]

Thundering Herd, My Balls

On Saturday not only did UCF win their first game after a 17 game losing streak, but they did it by beating Marshall. This is especially nice, because my whole family makes fun of my college, and my Dad got his Masters Degree(s) at Marshall. The UCF crowd actually tore down the goal posts. There […]